Useful Art Printing and Fine Art Techniques and Types

Useful Art Printing and Fine Art Techniques and Types:

Art print is a type or rather I should say the sub field of fine art which is also referred to as print making. It involves the making of art works via printing. It is done usually on paper but also makes use of fabric, plastic, parchment, lamb or sheep skin and various other supports.  Art printing can be further categorized into following techniques.

Process of Art Printing and Fine Art

It refers to the sculpture which consists of shapes carved in such a way on a parti

cular surface that they stand out from their surrounding background. It includes woodcut, woodblock, wood engraving etc. Intaglio It is a printing process which makes use of etched plate and ink is applied below the original surface of the matrix. In other words, it consists of sunken or depressed engraving or craving. For example; etching, engraving and aquatint. PlanoGraphic It involves the process of planography in which the matrix retains its original surface but is ink-receptive. Examples include lithography, monography and other digital techniques.


Different Style of Art Printing

Stencil It connotes a sheet of any material (metal, plastic, paper etc) which is perforated with a pattern or design where ink or paint is pressed on the surface via perforations. It includes screen-printing etc.

There are other types of printing which do not involve these groups. They are collagraphy, viscosity painting and foil imaging. Collagraphy is a printmaking process in which materials are glued to a rigid substratum as in wood or some metal. Viscosity printing refers to multi-color printmaking which makes use of relief and intaglio printing. Three or four colors of ink are mixed along with the linseed oil. Viscosity of each color varies. Foil imaging as its name indicates makes use of foil to adorn bottles, wedding invitations, jewelry, witty shirts, and graffiti.