Three Simple Steps to Understanding The Qualities of Great Art

Three Simple Steps to Understanding The Qualities of Great Art: What is art? One might know the answer to this question but only a real artist knows what art is and you can understand art too but you have to see it, like really see it and feel it. Art isn’t just the painting and sculptures that we find in the museum but music is also art, writing is an art too and similarly, anything that has creativity is art. An art is something by which an artist depicts his/her thoughts and viewpoint and shows what head is inside his/her. They represent their viewpoint in a creative way that only the one could see who understand art. This whole world is an art so in order to know this world we must understand art..

How to understand art?

In order to understand art, you must follow these three simple steps

·        Look

Some of us do look at the art while some even though they do, they don’t really do it. To understand art you must really look at it but if you have no interest in it then you can never understand art. When we really look at the art we see finest details of it, what it is made of, how was it made, like when we see a painting we look for the type of colours used, we see was painting made is neat or dirty. We look for the passion of the artist in the making of that piece of art.

·        See

Next step is seeing that art which is different than looking. When you see a piece of art, now you are trying to understand art and understand what artist wants you to understand. When you look at the art you are just looking at the apart things but when you see an art you try to find a meaning to that art. Seeing an art is like looking deeper towards the emotions of that art. Every piece of art has a meaning to it and when you see that art you are slowly revealing its meaning and hidden secrets in it.

·        Think

Without thinking you can never understand art. It is the crucial part of the process of understanding art. Every human being on this planet has the capability to think, most of us don’t do it but that doesn’t mean they can think. To be able to think you just have to focus your mind towards one thing. When you have seen the art, you have some idea what the artist is trying to tell you through that art you now have to think about it. When you see something, to understand it better you have to ponder upon it too, so after seeing art when you think about it, now you are doing justice to the art.

Art is a very wide subject, everything in this world is an art, an art of God or an art of the man himself. To understand it better you have to open your mind and widen your horizon of thoughts, this will be the only way you would be able to understand art better.