See the Biltmore at Christmastime

If you’ve been to the Biltmore Estate once then you probably will believe this article is wasting your time.  But the fact is, if you’ve been to the Biltmore at only one time of year, then you really haven’t gotten a true look at the place.  After all, the Biltmore is the home that truly represents the lifestyle and glamour that was the rage in the golden age of the late 1800’s and the folks who lived there occupied the land and grounds throughout the entire year.  While many of us are inclined to leave the Appalachians and Great Smokies after the trees have shed their leaves, others look ahead to the sight of the hills and mountains covered with snow, and the look of the Biltmore estate home with snow on its eaves

The Biltmore estate is not just famous for its stature as the home of one of America’s leading families.  It is also known for the lavish lifestyle and parties that were regular events.  Every holiday the place is draped with lights and wreaths that help it stand out when celebrating the Christmas season.  And one can only imagine what it actually looks like; it is something that has to be seen in person to really appreciate.  You hear the traditional songs and carols, see decorated trees that have been taken from the mountain forests and decorated with lights and bulbs, and you enjoy the taste of the finest wines available, as well as fresh seasoned eggnog and spicy treats.  Of course, the famous snow sleigh is there to give folks a ride around the grounds.  And many want to just sit before the fire and listen to the music.  A visit to the Biltmore Estate can be made at a discount when you use a Groupon coupon.  You can get a $50 discount on their Village Christmas Special and a 20% discount on a purchase of any wines from the Biltmore.


A visit to the Biltmore Estate during the Christmas holiday week is one of the great treats you might give your family; an opportunity to see “how the other half lived” and played during the Golden Age of the robber barons of the 1890’s.  It gives one much to reflect upon when we realize that we are now barely a century removed from that era.