How To Find Inspiration For Artwork

When it comes to art, just about anything can be inspiration. Despite that, we all get artist’s block at one point or another. Whether you’re a painter or a novelist, or something in between, we all have trouble finding inspiration from time to time. However, inspiration is everywhere, you just have to know how to look. Here are a few ways to get you out of your artistic rut.


First and foremost, your fellow man (and woman) can be an inspiration, so inspiration, in theory, is wherever people are, and people are everywhere. Why not go people watching at your local park for your next painting? Or, if you’re a writer, just go strike up a conversation with a stranger. You never what you’ll see and here from your fellow humans, and there’s a lot there worthy of artistic remembrance.

A painter, for example,  can also take inspiration from the natural world, as many have, so finding a great vista is finding a masterpiece waiting to happen. Animals are another source of inspiration for many, so get out and explore, or you could stay in and look at photos of our furry friends to find something to immortalize in art.

Lastly, however, is a combination the previous ideas and, yet, its own separate entity entirely. Travel. Travel has inspired countless works of art the world over to create depictions of sweeping, beautiful landscapes, people in the course of their day on some beautiful in their beautiful city, or even man’s best friend. Yes, traveling combines everything we know of art all into one package, and that’s because it inspired so much of art, because it contains the human essence. So, go to, set a destination, and explore the world. It’s sure to give you something beautiful to work with.