Collection of Cultural and General Painting for Wall Decoration

Any wall, which is decorated with painting, enhances the wall. This is what most of the time people consider painting is a piece of decoration that they just hang. But they are people who are interested to collect paintings and they understand painting is an art just like music. In ancient time different symbols were used by people for expressing their thoughts, which they drew on the walls, which slowly and gradually enter in the walls of houses in the form of murals paintings. It is one of the old time arts which different artist used for expressing their spiritual beliefs, culture and general life.

Painting’s Different types of  Surfaces:

For painting different types of surfaces are used such as canvas, papers, walls or clay and panel paintings. Paintings are available in different techniques such as water painting, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel painting, gouache painting, tole painting, one stroke painting or ink and pen painting and many more. Pain


ting basically is one of the media of expression of different moods. Drawing, composition, subjects and colors all are important factors for any painting to give complete look.


Different Style of Painting:

Oil paintings or water paintings are one of the old time painting styles but with the passage of time painting techniques are improving. Now you can find painting knifes are using instead of paintbrushes. On the other hands pour and spatter techniques are used for giving staining, scraping and abrading which is new techniques used in acrylic painting.


Abstract art is one of the prominent types of painting, which is taking places in our houses. The concept of every abstract painting is different which make it one kind of piece of art. In abstract art no object is clearly drawn which make it different from other types of paintings in which subject is clearly defined.

Varieties of Oil Painting:

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