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How To Do Oil Painting Techniques on Canvas for Beginners

Different Forms of Art Painting Styles and Techniques

Art has different forms and each form of art has language of expression such as music, acting and painting all of them portray our social issues. Paintings begin with blank canvas but with the artist skills and talent a picture begins to form which portray his inner expression. Paintings are available in different mediums such as water paint or oil paint and many others. Both types of painting style are different although most of time people like oil paintings because the colors and whole painting look solid. If we compare what is the difference between water paints painting and oil paints painting it is very obvious. For water painting water is used for mixing pigments. On the other hands in oil painting for mixing pigment linseed oil is used although other oils are also used in it but when oil get dry it give different effects. Oil paints are famous medium among the artist because it is quite difficult to learn but at the same time its helpful for improving their skills of brush strokes and techniques too. There is another reason why artist like to use oil paints for paintings because oil take time for drying on canvas due to this they can repaint any part of the painting.

Mens Racing hourse of Oil Painting

Hang to Someone House Wall Famous Artist Painting

Any oil painting that is hanged on any wall can create it own charm what so ever subject of any oil painting. No machine made print cant compare with the handmade oil painting. Sometime we see some famous artist painting hang to someone house wall and we wish we can get exactly the same painting for our house or office. This is no more problem because on internet you can find the websites where they can make oil paintings according to your desire. Whether you want oil painting in still life, landscape, abstract or animal it could be anything you want in oil painting you will get it. You can send your e-mail to them and then they send you quotation for your particular oil painting.

Boating in Sea in Oil Painting

How to Chose Art Painting Before buy

Before purchasing any oil painting make sure where you want to place it because the colors of oil paintings are very expressive. If you want to place it in any formal place like living room in that case dark colors oil painting will be perfect selection.

If you are planning to join any art school and you have particular interest in oil painting for this you can learn some techniques related to oil paintings. On internet you can find websites in which oil painting techniques teach how you can improve your skills of painting as a student of art.

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