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Best Type of Art Canvas Including Oil Painting|Fibre|Linen

Art Canvas is The Art of Hard Wood Fabric Painting Including Oil Painting

The word canvas of English is from French origin and it means anything made from harBeautiful Wall Paintingd wood fabric. Art canvases are used for paintings including oil paints or water paints.Initially the canvases which are sued for painting were made up of wood but they were very difficult to handle. Their heavy weight was very hard to handle plus the cost of those wooden panels was higher than the latest art canvases.

Fiber Art Canvases

When these fiber art canvases were introduced at that time there was a problem for painters to use them effectively. The color of oil paints often reacts with the hard fiber of art canvas and there was an urgent need to overcome this problem to commercialize these fibre canvases on larger scale. As a solution to this problem was the coating of gesso on the fibre of canvas. Gesso prohibits the direct contact of oil paints from the fibre canvas. So the quality of painting does not deteriorate because of contact. There is another part of an art canvas and that part is a stretcher. Stretcher is a wooden frame for the fibre to attach.

Linen Art Canvases

The earliest type of known canvas was developed from linen. Linen is a kind of a fabric with enough strength to maintain its shape. The color of canvases at that time was mostly Flowers Paintingbrown. After these linen canvases there was another era in which canvases were made up of cotton. Among these two kinds of canvases the most famous were the one made up from linen. Art canvas of cotton was although much cheaper but didn’t gain much appreciation among the artist community.Apart from the quality of fabric material many other things are changed about an art canvas with the passage of time. For example now art canvases are available in a variety of sizes and weights.

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