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How to Find 7 of the Most Inspiring Users on Twitter?

How to Find 7 of the Most Inspiring Users on Twitter? : Who is not familiar with the very famous social website, Twitter as it is an only social site with the most number of media celebrities, and other famous people. Twitter is now accessible to every part of the world. Basically, it is used for famous people to convey their messages or to inform about the important news related to themselves. And in this way, they become an Inspiration for the whole world. For sure giving smile to others is an Art, and the one who can achieve this Art can tackle any problem in life easily. And there are millions of inspirational accounts over Twitter. And some of them are described below. SO if you ever feel low, or depressed. Then just try to read their status, and you will feel a change in yourself.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @FitBottomedGirl

Food lovers are all over the world. And when there is some account full of food stuff, then it is impossible for any foodie to resist to follow it. In this account, there are hundreds of delicious recipes of different cuisines. SO you can enjoy the food from the different region at your home as well. All the recipes on this account are totally hygienic and can be eaten by anyone.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @artsy

If anyone of you is interested in the arts of Syria, then there is no other account better than this to follow you on Twitter. This account is run by a group of very famous Syrian artists, and they always keep you updated with any art sales, the art of technology, history of art, and any other thing related to arts.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @artfagcity

This Twitter account is run by a very famous art blogger of New York City whose name is Paddy Johnson. As we all know that New York City is a centre for arts in the whole United States of America. So here you will get the updates on any art news regularly, and even you can find out about any mistake in the artwork of other people as well.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @gagosian

If you want to stay updated about all the fashion and arts news around the world, then you must follow this Twitter account. Here you can get news about the top brands of the world, and artwork of the well-known artists. This account surely fulfils your thirst for arts.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @ValerieFST

Are you a tattoo lover? Are you looking for the new and updated tattoo designs for yourself? Then you should follow this Twitter account without giving any second thoughts. Over here you will receive every update tattoo designs and some gossips about the art.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @OsGemeos

This world is full of different cultures, and languages. So if you are Portuguese, and you cannot find out about the exciting art updates anywhere else, then this account is specifically for you. You can learn all about the arts and music over here.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @MuseumModernArt

This is an official Twitter account about the MoMA, which is also known as Museum of Modern History in the New York City.

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Three Simple Steps to Understanding The Qualities of Great Art

 Three Simple Steps to Understanding The Qualities of Great Art: What is art? One might know the answer to this question but only a real artist knows what art is and you can understand art too but you have to see it, like really see it and feel it. Art isn’t just the painting and sculptures that we find in the museum but music is also art, writing is an art too and similarly, anything that has creativity is art. An art is something by which an artist depicts his/her thoughts and viewpoint and shows what head is inside his/her. They represent their viewpoint in a creative way that only the one could see who understand art. This whole world is an art so in order to know this world we must understand art.

How to understand art?

In order to understand art, you must follow these three simple steps

·        Look

Some of us do look at the art while some even though they do, they don’t really do it. To understand art you must really look at it but if you have no interest in it then you can never understand art. When we really look at the art we see finest details of it, what it is made of, how was it made, like when we see a painting we look for the type of colours used, we see was painting made is neat or dirty. We look for the passion of the artist in the making of that piece of art.

·        See

Next step is seeing that art which is different than looking. When you see a piece of art, now you are trying to understand art and understand what artist wants you to understand. When you look at the art you are just looking at the apart things but when you see an art you try to find a meaning to that art. Seeing an art is like looking deeper towards the emotions of that art. Every piece of art has a meaning to it and when you see that art you are slowly revealing its meaning and hidden secrets in it.

·        Think

Without thinking you can never understand art. It is the crucial part of the process of understanding art. Every human being on this planet has the capability to think, most of us don’t do it but that doesn’t mean they can think. To be able to think you just have to focus your mind towards one thing. When you have seen the art, you have some idea what the artist is trying to tell you through that art you now have to think about it. When you see something, to understand it better you have to ponder upon it too, so after seeing art when you think about it, now you are doing justice to the art.

Art is a very wide subject, everything in this world is an art, an art of God or an art of the man himself. To understand it better you have to open your mind and widen your horizon of thoughts, this will be the only way you would be able to understand art better.

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How to Make Different Types of Arts and Crafts Ideas

How to Make Different Types of Arts and Crafts Ideas: First of all, it is necessary to know that, what art is. Well, art is basically a way of describing the beauty of anything or describing inner feelings in the form of drawing, or some sculpture. As for many people art is just the name of paintings or drawings, but actually, it is more than just that. The field of arts is so vast, that no one can master all of its branches. There are many different Types of Art. And some of them are described below;

art work

Types of Arts:


This is a field of presenting an idea of building or construction on a piece of paper. This is a very major field of arts because this is the base of any building we live or work in. It is due to architectural sketch that a building can be constructed strong. Even a minor mistake in the sketch can damage the whole structure of the building.

Animation Art

Just as described from its name, that these are the pictures of the cartoons we see every day on Television. This may look simple, but it is a very tough job to do. In old times there were thousands of pages drawn to show a single scene. Now it is a lot easier with the help of computers, and animation software.

Body Art

This is one of the ancient Type of Art. In this type different shapes or pictures are drawn by different ways on different parts of the body. Just like a tattoo. In ancient time this was done by needles and knives. Now it is also done by needles, but after taking necessary precautions, and with less pain.


This also one of the Types of Art, and in this type different types of pots or utensils are made from clay. And then they are baked in the oven so that they gets harder. In old times these pots were kept under the sun, and it took them days or weeks for drying. As compared to now it just takes some hours in the oven, and a perfect shaped pot comes out of it.


This is another Type of Art, and in this type different pictures are combined together in a perfect shape. And as a result, a fine set of pictures is merged in a single picture. Now there is much different software for making a collage, and they are so perfect that the collage even seems to be a real one.

Folk Art

In this Type of Art, an artist described the life of rural areas in a single picture. And often these pictures shows the purity of the people of urban areas.

Jewelry Art

This type of Art is commonly practised by goldsmiths. The reason is that they have to make new designs by using pearls, gold, diamonds, silver, and different types of stones.


This s one of the most common Types of Art, and everyone is interested in this nowadays. In this type of photographs of surrounding is taken in such a way that it should depict the beauty.

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Top 10 ranking Performing art work schools in the world

 Top 10 ranking Performing art work schools in the world: Art is the best way to represent your feelings to others, and I order to learn any art in a proper way it should be done in Art Schools. As there are many experienced teachers, who themselves are famous artists. For this purpose below are the top team Art Schools in the whole world,

1.      Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Central Saint Martins is a school for arts, where students are taught to bring their imaginations on a piece of paper. All the staff over here are talented and qualified enough to teach their students in the best way. This college offers Undergraduate, Graduate, Research Degree and Postgraduate program in the different field of arts. The library present in the college has a collection of thousands of fashion books, magazines and DVDs which students can borrow.

2.      Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Arts

We all are well aware of the name of the University of Oxford. Well, this is a school of arts of that University. This college has a staff of world’s renowned artists. And all of them are well experienced in teaching and working over here from many past years. As it is the aim of the University of Oxford to teach their students about their independence, their maturity, their way of thinking. In short, they are not here just to teach, but they also work on personal grooming as well.

3.      Universitẻ Paris-Sorbonne

This is one of the best art universities in the world. It is present in Paris which itself is famous for the artwork. Here different subjects and languages are taught like Social Sciences, Arts, Civilisation, Humanity, Literature etc.

4.      The Art Institute of Chicago

This college of Arts is associated with a church in Chicago, USA. SO students over here can experience the artwork of thousand years old in the church. And they can learn from it as well. This is the reason that this Arts School is among the best one.

5.      Edinburgh College of Arts

Europe is always known for its artwork, and culture of thousands of years old. Which can be easily seen in the old civilisations or the old church. So this school offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD in many different manners of Arts and Crafts. And it receives thousands of applications every year.

6.      Oslo National Academy of the Arts

This is one of the largest schools for arts in the whole world. There is a minimum of 500 seats available every year, where thousands of students apply for, from all over the world. Plus there are at least 900 visiting teachers and 200 permanent teachers to facilitate the students.

7.      California Institute of the Arts

This is USA’s first ever college built for the study in Arts, and well-known art school in the whole world.

8.      Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

This is Germany most popular Arts School, as they give admission to the best only. And the students of this university are now among the best artists of the world.

9.      Rhode Island School of Design

This school offers the Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, and their degrees are considered among the best.

10. Royal Academy of Arts

One of the oldest, and best Arts School in the whole world, and carrying the students from every corner of the world. This Arts College is ranked as number one.

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How to Find Inspiration photos for Reddit?

How to Find Inspiration photos for Reddit:

Describing your message to others is really an Art, and that is for sure an Inspiration for the people who can perform this Art. If uploaded at the perfect moment, then even a picture can describe more than a thousand words. Pictures can show us the real beauty, and truth on the other side. So Reddit is one such social platform, where millions of people upload different types of pictures on the daily basis. Obviously, your experience with Reddit will surely be a memorable one. You can keep your childhood or even years of old memories in your account, and even show them to the whole world. Reedit will surely broaden your mind, and give a push to your imagination. It has turned the whole idea of telling a story in a new way.

It is not just medicines which can heal diseases, but it is also a good environment and surrounding which can give a good effect on a patient. As it is the age of media, so our surrounding is now limited to the computer screens. Now, all we have is our virtual world, where we keep thousands of friends. So if a good and positive atmosphere is provided to someone then no doubt the disease will just vanish in days. There are many people who are using Reddit to spread love and happiness, by using different pictures. And some of those accounts are described below.

sixword stories

This account has many inspirational stories in the form of pictures. Most of these stories are actually based on just six words. And no doubt this real Art to say a whole message in the just form of six words.  It requires a lot of thoughts, and hard work of day and night to just make a short story of a single line. Moreover, the stories on this page are even liked by thousands of people as well. And even more and number of people are increasing to read these stories.

one paragraphstories

This is same ideas just like six-word stories. As it is also a form of short story, but it is a bit longer than just one line. It may consist of just one or two small paragraphs. These stories are an example in their own, as they can take your mind with just the help of pictures, and make you think about yourself once again.

photshop battles

The trend of making your own pictures, and to edit them in different ways using pictures editing software is just a common thing now. There are almost millions of pictures uploaded over the whole social media on daily basis. SO now you can use them to attract other users as well. Just make a good picture of yourself, and do some editing in it. And you are all set to catch the attention of other users.


This one is another pictures sharing platform, but now you cannot upload your own pictures. Rather you have to upload your artwork. And this is only for artists to upload their work, while other users are only to enjoy the Art uploaded there.

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How to Find inspirational quotes for Facebook timeline?

How to Find inspirational quotes for Facebook timeline : Facebook is not just a social platform, rather it is one of those places where you can face different cultures. And you have to face their hate or love. Plus you can keep yourself updated with any emerging update around the world. Now the question is that how can use Facebook for inspiration when there is so much racism, and hate among races. Well, this is also an art, and no one can use it very well. AT Facebook you can share any of your ideas, spread your message to the world. As for many people, it is just a place for fun, but if it is used in right way, then it can also change minds of people towards good.

A Powerful Weapon

Facebook is so much powerful just like our media. As compared to past life, now any news spread faster, and all is due to this Facebook. As a result, now there is no distance between, and people started to know each more. Well if you have the same purpose for using Facebook, then you can Inspirational quotes in your status. As such quotes draw more attention of the people. Even sometimes, there are such quotes which really inspires someone, and that person really starts to follow it. This is one necessary part, as these quotes are written by great scholars, who see this world in an entirely different way.


For this purpose, it is really necessary that you are a good reader because you have to consult many books to look out for some good quotes. Plus try to search for the quotes with most followers or even some celebrities. As by doing this you can draw the attention of more people around you. Facebook is filled with same and upset people, and they often express their feelings in the form of updating sad statuses or uploading pictures which express their sadness.

Help Others!

So you can help such people to overcome their sadness or depression, s it is a good deed. And you can inspire many of your other friends as well. Use your life experience, and your advice to find the solutions to their problems. If everyone starts to do this, then soon there will be no hate left behind. As you are going to help the person who is living across the sea. And in this way, you can give a good impression about your people, and your homeland.

Stay Strong

Obviously, no one is perfect in this world. And there is a certain time when anger comes over, and you start to show your anger in the Facebook by your posts. Well, this is a totally wrong gesture. All you need to do is to make it a peaceful place. As it will affect other people as well. Instead of showing your weaknesses to the world, try to be a strong person. SO that you can help others. Moreover, you can elaborate the success of your kids, family members or your friends on Facebook. As it will provide them more confidence.

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Find Inspiration When You Discover Your Ancestry

How to find inspiration

Find Inspiration When You Discover Your Ancestry: As an artist you are always on the look out for what inspires you. From sunsets to raging rivers and baby animals to skyscrapers inspiration can be found in almost anything. However, if you are looking for something a littler deeper and more personal than you might consider finding inspiration from your own past. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn about your ancestry? Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next piece or to see if you have a royal blood line looking up your ancestry can open up all kinds of hidden gems as well as latent secrets. If you are looking for something fresh and different to inspire you than you might consider looking up your ancestry and see how it feels to be stepping into the unknown as you discover the mysteries of where you originated. Besides being inspired, some of the reasons behind knowing your ancestry include: discovering the origins of your family, finding out if there are any diseases or health problems that run in the family, and to locate lost family members. With today’s advancements in DNA testing almost anyone at any time can now trace their genetic ancestry.

Be inspired when you look into your ancestral past with Ancestry. At Ancestry you can search your family tree through DNA. Uncover what might be hidden in your history or find distant relatives when you use Ancestry. Curious about your ethnic make-up? Find it out with a DNA test from Ancestry and with their partnership with Groupon Coupons you can save lots of money.

Before visiting Ancestry, be sure to stop on by Groupon Coupons for money coupon discounts and coupon codes. Act now and get $10 off DNA kits when you use this code. Save more during the Memorial sale when you use this discount. Use this promo code and save at Ancestry. Enjoy 29 percent off your membership when you use this code. Get up to $70 off your membership when you use this code. Looking for your ethnic mix? Use this code and save more. Act now and enjoy free shipping when you use this promo code. Join Ancestry today for as little as $19.99 a month when you use this code. Get a free 14-day trail when you use this code. Looking for a unique gift idea? Gift the gift of ancestry and save when you use this code. Win your chance at a free trip and ancestry membership when you enter with this code. From discovering if you have royal blood to starting a free family tree you will always save more when you use Groupon Coupons first.

Be inspire while you find out what is hidden in your family’s past when you use Ancestry today. Be sure to use Groupon Coupons first for money savings deals.

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How To Find Inspiration For Artwork

How to find inspiration

When it comes to art, just about anything can be inspiration. Despite that, we all get artist’s block at one point or another. Whether you’re a painter or a novelist, or something in between, we all have trouble finding inspiration from time to time. However, inspiration is everywhere, you just have to know how to look. Here are a few ways to get you out of your artistic rut.

Finding Inspiration

First and foremost, your fellow man (and woman) can be an inspiration, so inspiration, in theory, is wherever people are, and people are everywhere. Why not go people watching at your local park for your next painting? Or, if you’re a writer, just go strike up a conversation with a stranger. You never what you’ll see and here from your fellow humans, and there’s a lot there worthy of artistic remembrance.

A painter, for example,  can also take inspiration from the natural world, as many have, so finding a great vista is finding a masterpiece waiting to happen. Animals are another source of inspiration for many, so get out and explore, or you could stay in and look at photos of our furry friends to find something to immortalize in art.

Lastly, however, is a combination the previous ideas and, yet, its own separate entity entirely. Travel. Travel has inspired countless works of art the world over to create depictions of sweeping, beautiful landscapes, people in the course of their day on some beautiful in their beautiful city, or even man’s best friend. Yes, traveling combines everything we know of art all into one package, and that’s because it inspired so much of art, because it contains the human essence. So, go to, set a destination, and explore the world. It’s sure to give you something beautiful to work with.

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Useful Art Printing and Fine Art Techniques and Types

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Useful Art Printing and Fine Art Techniques and Types:

Art print is a type or rather I should say the sub field of fine art which is also referred to as print making. It involves the making of art works via printing. It is done usually on paper but also makes use of fabric, plastic, parchment, lamb or sheep skin and various other supports.  Art printing can be further categorized into following techniques.

Process of Art Printing and Fine Art

It refers to the sculpture which consists of shapes carved in such a way on a parti

Bat art Picture

cular surface that they stand out from their surrounding background. It includes woodcut, woodblock, wood engraving etc. Intaglio It is a printing process which makes use of etched plate and ink is applied below the original surface of the matrix. In other words, it consists of sunken or depressed engraving or craving. For example; etching, engraving and aquatint. PlanoGraphic It involves the process of planography in which the matrix retains its original surface but is ink-receptive. Examples include lithography, monography and other digital techniques.


Different Style of Art Printing

Stencil It connotes a sheet of any material (metal, plastic, paper etc) which is perforated with a pattern or design where

Beautiful flowers Art Printing Work  ink or paint is pressed on the surface via perforations. It includes screen-printing etc.

There are other types of printing which do not involve these groups. They are collagraphy, viscosity painting and foil imaging. Collagraphy is a printmaking process in which materials are glued to a rigid substratum as in wood or some metal. Viscosity printing refers to multi-color printmaking which makes use of relief and intaglio printing. Three or four colors of ink are mixed along with the linseed oil. Viscosity of each color varies. Foil imaging as its name indicates makes use of foil to adorn bottles, wedding invitations, jewelry, witty shirts, and graffiti.

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Collection of Cultural and General Painting for Wall Decoration

Collection of Cultural and General Painting for Wall Decoration:

Any wall, which is decorated with painting, enhances the wall. This is what most of the time people consider painting is a piece of decoration that they just hang. But they are people who are interested to collect paintings and they understand painting is an art just like music. In ancient time different symbols were used by people for expressing their thoughts, which they drew on the walls, which slowly and gradually enter in the walls of houses in the form of murals paintings. It is one of the old time arts which different artist used for expressing their spiritual beliefs, culture and general life.

Painting’s Different types of  Surfaces:

For painting different types of surfaces are used such as canvas, papers, walls or clay and panel paintings. Paintings are available in different techniques such as water painting, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel painting, gouache painting, tole painting, one stroke painting or ink and pen painting and many more. Pain

Fruit Painting

ting basically is one of the media of expression of different moods. Drawing, composition, subjects and colors all are important factors for any painting to give complete look.


Different Style of Painting:

Oil paintings or water paintings are one of the old time painting styles but with the passage of time painting techniques are improving. Now you can find painting knifes are using instead of paintbrushes. On the other hands pour and spatter techniques are used for giving staining, scraping and abrading which is new techniques used in acrylic painting.

Wall painting

Abstract art is one of the prominent types of painting, which is taking places in our houses. The concept of every abstract painting is different which make it one kind of piece of art. In abstract art no object is clearly drawn which make it different from other types of paintings in which subject is clearly defined.

Varieties of Oil Painting:

If you are a person who loves to collect paintings or understand the art of painting in that case you should checkout art gallery on line. At online gallery you will be able to find the vast varieties of oil paints painting as well as water paints painting. Due to online gallery you can also find the new artist work in other words it promotes new talent side by side. Beside this online painting directory is another option for finding your favorites artist work. For Online painting directory you need to enter your required keywords such as style, technique, size and colors. Even if you know the name of artist you will be able to find it work. This is how you can purchase it online without spending too much time.

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