Day: June 13, 2017

How to Find 7 of the Most Inspiring Users on Twitter?

How to Find 7 of the Most Inspiring Users on Twitter? : Who is not familiar with the very famous social website, Twitter as it is an only social site with the most number of media celebrities, and other famous people. Twitter is now accessible to every part of the world. Basically, it is used for famous people to convey their messages or to inform about the important news related to themselves. And in this way, they become an Inspiration for the whole world. For sure giving smile to others is an Art, and the one who can achieve this Art can tackle any problem in life easily. And there are millions of inspirational accounts over Twitter. And some of them are described below. SO if you ever feel low, or depressed. Then just try to read their status, and you will feel a change in yourself.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @FitBottomedGirl

Food lovers are all over the world. And when there is some account full of food stuff, then it is impossible for any foodie to resist to follow it. In this account, there are hundreds of delicious recipes of different cuisines. SO you can enjoy the food from the different region at your home as well. All the recipes on this account are totally hygienic and can be eaten by anyone.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @artsy

If anyone of you is interested in the arts of Syria, then there is no other account better than this to follow you on Twitter. This account is run by a group of very famous Syrian artists, and they always keep you updated with any art sales, the art of technology, history of art, and any other thing related to arts.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @artfagcity

This Twitter account is run by a very famous art blogger of New York City whose name is Paddy Johnson. As we all know that New York City is a centre for arts in the whole United States of America. So here you will get the updates on any art news regularly, and even you can find out about any mistake in the artwork of other people as well.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @gagosian

If you want to stay updated about all the fashion and arts news around the world, then you must follow this Twitter account. Here you can get news about the top brands of the world, and artwork of the well-known artists. This account surely fulfils your thirst for arts.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @ValerieFST

Are you a tattoo lover? Are you looking for the new and updated tattoo designs for yourself? Then you should follow this Twitter account without giving any second thoughts. Over here you will receive every update tattoo designs and some gossips about the art.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @OsGemeos

This world is full of different cultures, and languages. So if you are Portuguese, and you cannot find out about the exciting art updates anywhere else, then this account is specifically for you. You can learn all about the arts and music over here.

Find Inspiration for Twitter? @MuseumModernArt

This is an official Twitter account about the MoMA, which is also known as Museum of Modern History in the New York City.

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