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How to Do a Self Portrait Painting for Family

Cute Little Girl in Portrait Painting

The Philosophy of Self Portrait Painting

Portrait painting is another form of painting, which is different from the other types of painting style. In other types of painting you can find the subject of landscape painting or abstract painting. In portrait painting the subject is based upon human being, pets, animals and inanimate objects. In portrait painting if you find any artist has painted him or her-self it is called self-portrait, but if an artist paint any other person it becomes portrait painting. One of the best examples of portrait painting is Leonardo da Vinci’s painting titled the Mona Lisa. It s portrait of women but how the artist capture the smile in his painting become a reason of popularity. In the same manner you can find many famous examples of portrait paintings.

Blonde Girl in Portrait Painting

Self Portrait Painting for Family

Portrait painting can be done in any media such as oil, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, pastel and mixed media. For portrait painting artist want a person in front of him for making his portrait and for capturing the facial expression of his as well as his body language. For portrait painting sometime several sitting is needed. In old times in order to appreciate the beauty of ladies used to paint them life, so that they can capture the natural expression of their face. Although with the passage of time as everything is changing in the same manner now you can find the artists who can portrait painting with the help of your photograph. If you are are interested in making your family portrait or any particular person portrait and any memorial moment of your life should hang at your home but if you think it is time consuming, then it is no more a problem. Now on internet you can find the different websites which offer portrait painting for you. You just need to handover your photograph to them and they will make your portrait painting. Before making any deal make sure you have checked all the websites because it is possible you can find some reasonable offer.

Head Covered in Self Portrait Painting

Self Portrait Painting Artist

Even if you have no idea from where you can find the e portrait artist in that case you can checkout directory of portrait painters in which worldwide artist name is mentioned in it. This is how you can find the local area portrait artist. Here is a tip for the student of arts if any one is interested in portrait painting in that case try to start with your self-portrait. In self-portrait you need to sit in front of the mirror so that you can paint yourself. This could help in improving your art skills and you can start understand human face too.

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Learn Different Types of Painting Techniques and Styles

Beautiful Hand water Painting
Types of Painting Techniques: Painting is the art, which seem very simple to learn. People think with the help of brushes and paints any painting can be easily made but this is totally wrong concept. Every type of painting whether it is oil painting, water painting or pastel painting, in all different types of techniques are used. Every artist has their own style of painting techniques, which make him or her popular. Some time artists are recognized by painting techniques and they become popular among the people because of their painting style.

Learn Different Types of Painting Techniques

If you want to learn some techniques related to the painting in that case you need patience and hard work. As you see famous artist paintings are the results of their hardworking and practice. If you have any ideal artist and you want to follow his techniques in that case you can take help from the internet. On internet you can find the websites related to the painting techniques. Even you can find the video on internet for different painting techniques.

Types of Painting Surface

For applying any painting techniques first and foremost tools are most important thing. The surface on which you will paint are of different types such as canvas, wood, boards and paper. After the selection of surface, brushes are important because brushes play an important role for delivering artist strokes what he wants to give on their surface. Brushes are available in different numbers, which is helpful for giving thickness or thinness effect to any painting. Selection of the tools also depends upon the type of the medium you are using. In market different type of medium are also available such as water paints, oil paints or pastel paints and acrylic paints. Once all the tools are collected then your painting techniques works on your surfaces. In painting techniques mixing of pigment is one of the important factor.

Water Painting Techniques for Beginners

Water Painting by Kid
Learning water painting techniques is not difficult because once you start understanding that how long brush should dip in water along with paints you can start enjoying water painting. If you think you are spoiling your painting in that case keep some rough paper along with you and before applying water paint directly on your surface first try it on your rough paper. This is how you can learn and your painting will not get spoil.

Oil Painting Technique

In Oil painting techniques every time the ratio of the oil should be increased for subsequent layer because lower layer absorb oil of the upper layer due this the upper layer start dry and it start cracking or become yellowish too. Practice make a man perfect and this what you need to do for learning painting techniques.

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