Art History

Art can be spelled out as the ‘output of human creativity’. It is the splendid skill of creating and producing beautiful or significant things. Everything or idea has some account associated with it so does the arts. It has also got a long history. Basically it began with the origin of the human beings. But if we go into details, it finds its roots in Renaissance which is traced back to 14th century. It started out with the invention of writing by Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. Although the field of art history was developed in the West but with the passage of time it spread across the globe.

Now we see that artistic manifestations have occurred in all cultures and all the continents of the world. The first great cities to take part in such manifestations were present along big rivers that are to say Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, Indus and Yellow River. Each civilization had its art unique to the other and they influenced one another.nursing associates

With the passage of time different types of arts emerged as in fine art, mechanical art, visual art etc.  Now-a-days art includes diverse range of activities like painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, music, theatre, film, dance, as well as literature. Even science is also an art. Giving a concept is science but when it comes to its implementation we need some creativity where it becomes an gifts

Art history has now emerged as a discipline. It studies where did the art start from? Which parts of the world did it influence first and then how did it disseminate across the whole globe. How did different cultures influence each other and what was their impact. It tells us about the innovations of different people. It depicts the variety of cultures and thinking of different people in the universe. It delineates different fields of art as well.Doctor of Education Counselor Education & Supervision

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